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Help for Veterans of War

December 18, 2008

There are thousands of men and women returning to civilian life after serving in the War on Terror.  It is a difficult adjustment to return to the civilian world after serving in the military, especially during wartime.

I would like to encourage today’s veterans to consider joining the local vetarans’ club.  Whether it is the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion, or some other group, these organizations were established to provide support for America’s military whether on foreign soil or returning to the home front.

If today’s vet wonders what a bunch of “old guys” have to offer them, I would remind them that those “old guys” were once young men who went off to war in a strange land.  Many of them experienced the horrors of war, some experienced victory, and others experienced defeat.  They then returned to the United States and made lives for themselves in the civilian world.  They have dealt with the horrors of war and returned to civilized society. 

They have gone to war and come back.

Who better to help the young men and women of today, but those who have already been there, done that, and returned.

Whether they served in Germany, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, the first Gulf  War or other places that we don’t even think about anymore, veterans share a common bond.

Veterans understand what it is like to go to war, and come back and build a life.

If you are an Iraqi, or Afghan vet and would like some help returning to civilian life.  Contact your local veterans organization.  They would love to help.  That is their very purpose.