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August 9, 2011

It has been a while since I was blogging regularly.  I was teaching a summer course that required more of my time than the regular semester.  Then I was on vacation.  Hopefully, I will now return to regularly blogging.

For a good portion of my vacation I was offline.  We spent some time at my mother’s lakefront cabin, and she does not have the internet. The nearest available source was about five miles away and I was not up there to sit in a McDonald’s.

I found that I got along just fine without facebook, email, or checking craigslist.

After leaving the cabin, we spent some time visiting with my in-laws.  We spent some time playing golf, and bowling on Wii (sp?)  As we were playing, I couldn’t help thinking that I would rather do those thing in the real world rather than electronically.  Although, the fact that you don’t have to pay for each time that you play, does appeal to me.

Finally, I heard a message about stewardship.  Stewardship of all of the aspects of our lives, not just our money.  It got me to thinking about how much time is spent on-line and whether that is truly a good use of my time.

Perhaps, I should unplug more often.


Time Travel

September 8, 2009

The other day in my philosophy class we discussed the possibility of time travel. 

We first had to come up with a definition of time that would work.  We decided that time was a means of measuring the relationship of events.  We recognized that there was a standard frame of reference with the revolution of the earth,  divided into hours, minutes and seconds; and the orbit of the earth around the sun divided into months, weeks, and days. 

We also recognized that our perception of time is varied.  There are events that make time seem to pass quickly, and other occasions where time seems to almost stand still.

As to the possibility of time travel, at least for now, it appears to be a one way street.  It is like traveling in a vehicle.  We can look out the rear window and see where we have been, we can look through the front windshield and see where we are heading, and we have some control over the direction that we travel,  but we are always inside the vehicle, which is the present moment.  We are leaving the past behind, traveling towards the future, but we actually exist, only in the present.