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Prodigal Son

January 26, 2012

It’s a little late, but here are the sermon notes from Sunday.

Luke 15

Verses 11-12:  The father gives his son half of his property.  This allows the son the freedom to do what he wants to do.  We also, have freedom to do what we choose.

Verse 13:  The son chooses to leave his father and wastes away his life and his money.  So too, many people leave God, and waste their lives.

Verse 14:  The son faces the consequences of his poor choices.  We also, must face the consequences of poor choices that we make in our lives.  It is important to ask God to help us to make the right choices.

Verses 15-16:  The son attempts to work his way out of his problems.  So we also try to “help ourselves” but it has only limited success.

Verses 17-19: The son came to his senses and returned home.  If we come to our senses, we can return to our Father God as well.

Verse 20:  The father is waiting for his son to return and is overjoyed to see him again.  Our Father God is waiting for us, and all heaven rejoices when we come back to God.

Verse 21:  The son confesses his sin.  We too, must confess our sin to God.

Verses 22-24:  The son is restored, not punished.  There is celebration.  God is looking to forgive us.  He desires reconciliation.

Verses 25-32:  The older brother is not so happy.  We must be careful to welcome new converts into our midst.  God rejoices in the salvation of the lost, and so should we rejoice as well.