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Discretionary Time

March 29, 2011

How do we use our time?

We all have certain things that we have to do.  We sleep, we eat, most of us work, we have daily hygiene, (I hope!) we purchase things that we need, and we have various household chores.  These are things that need to be done.

What time is left is what we could call down-time, or discretionary time.  In that time we have our devotions, go to church, get together with friends,  spend time on the computer, exercise, read, enjoy hobbies,  watch television, and other recreational pursuits.

What I wonder about is: does television take more of our time than it should?  Have you ever calculated how much of your time is spent watching television compared to reading?  Or how much time you spend watching television compared to how much time you spend in prayer, Bible reading,  and church services?

We set up budgets for our money because we know that if we do not handle our money well we will have serious problems.

We only have so much time.  We should be as careful in our use of time as we are our use of money.  I believe that we will have better lives if we do.

Imagine There’s No TV

January 5, 2009

What would our lives be like if we didn’t have a television set?  What would we do with the time that we currently spend watching television? 

Would we read more?  This could increase our knowledge. 

Would we spend more time talking?  That could improve our relationships.  

Would we do more active pursuits?  That could improve our health. 

Would we pick up different hobbies?  That might enrich our lives. 

Would we get more sleep?  We would feel better.

Are these good things?  Yes.

Will we give up our television? 

Probably not.