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Poisonous Gas

April 12, 2018

Over the years this blog has gone through various changes.  In the beginning, I posted 4-5 times a week with articles about many different things.  Then for quite a while, my posts have primarily been sermon outlines that I wanted to share.

Today, I want to return to my roots, at least for today and write about a current topic.

Someone has used poisonous gas in Syria in a rebel held area.  The popular assumption is that President Assad is responsible.

My question is: “Why would he do that?”  The civil war has been going on for years and it appears that the Syrian army, with the support of Russia is making significant headway.  Now that ISIS is no longer controlling much territory in Syria, America is considering withdrawal.  Things were looking good for Assad.  Certainly, he would know that the use of chemical weapons would cause a backlash that would  ignite renewed opposition.  So again; “Why would he do that?”

On the other hand, the rebels are a combination of different groups.  They are aware that things are not going their way.  Perhaps someone opposed to the government has decided that desperate times call for desperate measures.  Chemical weapons could have been obtained at some time during the long civil war.  It is possible that someone may believe that using chemicals against their own people may be justified for their version of the greater good.  They also would be aware that a chemical attack, blamed on Syria, would likely bring retribution and perhaps a renewed opposition to Assad.

So is President Assad guilty or is he being framed?

What does he stand to gain?

What would his opponents stand to gain?

I hope that our government investigates carefully before reacting to this terrible atrocity.  Certainly, if Assad is guilty there should be consequences.  However, if this is an attempt of someone in the opposition to provoke America to respond, then that response should be something very different.

I would encourage my readers who are people of faith to pray for our leaders, that the truth will be known and that they will make the right decision.

Pearls Before Swine

December 20, 2008

I have been wandering around the blogosphere recently and there is all kinds of stuff out there that one can read.  Some of it is very good and some of it… well… maybe not so good.  I like to read some stuff that is coming from a different perspective than my own.  It is interesting and challenging to consider different points of view.

I have noticed that there are a variety of different people who will make comments.  I recently read a response where someone mentioned that we were not to “cast our pearls before swine”  (Math 7:6) It got me thinking. 

I found the comment interesting because the comments are made to people and God loves all people.  It is important that we try to communicate the truth of God to all who will listen. 

There is however a point when we are wasting our time. 

When is it valuable to comment and when should we desist?  We will have to rely on the guidance of the Holy Spirit to know the best response.

Happy Blogging.