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September 15, 2009

Courtesy is the grease that lubricates the sometimes abrasive nature of human social interaction.

Sadly, common courtesy is no longer quite so common.  Rude behaviour is often displayed, not just by young children on a playground, but by our congress, entertainers, and media personalities.  I don’t know how many interviews I have given up trying to follow because people will not even let others finish their sentences without interruption.  I cannot follow two, or more, people talking at the same time, my brain does not work that way. 

My name, Curtis, actually means “courteous one”.  When I was younger, I wished that my name was different, something more like Lance, which means “God’s warrior”, something with a little more zing.  Now that I have matured, I have come to appreciate the difference that common courtesy can make in a person’s day.  The tone of our day can be changed by the actions of those around us.  Perhaps we should start by changing our own actions, a little common courtesy can go a long way.

A Little Respect

May 7, 2009

James Corbett, a high school history teacher at a Southern California public high school, was found to be guilty of violating the First Amendment when he called creationism “superstitious nonsense” during a lecture.  Chad Farnan, his student at the time, took offense and filed a complaint.  U.S. District judge James Seina made the ruling, citing the establishment clause.  That clause has been interpreted to mean that government employees are prohibited from displaying religious hostility.

Although Christianity is the primary religion in the United States, (also world wide) it has sometimes seemed as though teachers could get away with almost any negative, critical, comments without reprimand.  I am very glad to hear that, at least in public schools, religious beliefs, including Christianity, should be treated with a little respect.