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Keep Talking

January 26, 2009

I have noticed that silence isn’t always golden. 

It is important to maintain communication going in relationships.  This is not something that comes naturally to me.  I have to put forth effort to engage in conversations.  As a general rule I am willing to let others talk, and I will listen, but communication is a two way street.  I am expected to contribute my share to the conversation. 

This point is illustrated to me by the way that I interact with other commenters on dissenting blogs.  I have noticed that it is more enjoyable when people of varying opinions keep the discussion going, as long as it is done in a civil manner.

If I can keep an interaction going with complete strangers, then certainly I ought to be able to converse with my family and friends.  Of course, on line the timing is different, and you can take as long as you need to take to sort out your thoughts, but the idea is still there. 



Putting forth what is in your thoughts.

I wonder how many of the problems that exist between people; whether it is a friendship, an employment situation, or entire communities, could be resolved if people would simply keep talking to each other until they come to an understanding and a peaceable solution.

I’ll keep working on it in my life.

How about you?