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Discretionary Time

March 29, 2011

How do we use our time?

We all have certain things that we have to do.  We sleep, we eat, most of us work, we have daily hygiene, (I hope!) we purchase things that we need, and we have various household chores.  These are things that need to be done.

What time is left is what we could call down-time, or discretionary time.  In that time we have our devotions, go to church, get together with friends,  spend time on the computer, exercise, read, enjoy hobbies,  watch television, and other recreational pursuits.

What I wonder about is: does television take more of our time than it should?  Have you ever calculated how much of your time is spent watching television compared to reading?  Or how much time you spend watching television compared to how much time you spend in prayer, Bible reading,  and church services?

We set up budgets for our money because we know that if we do not handle our money well we will have serious problems.

We only have so much time.  We should be as careful in our use of time as we are our use of money.  I believe that we will have better lives if we do.


March 2, 2010

The other night, Gloria was off at a ladies meeting, and I choose to do…nothing.

Well, actually, I sat quietly and let myself relax.  I thought about stuff.  I prayed about some things.  I had lots of work that I could do.  There were plenty of activities that could have occupied my time, but I just did…nothing. 

As a general rule my life is very, very busy.  I have more things to do than I can ever get done, so I try to prioritize and do what is most important according to my time and energy levels.  Normally, if I am not working on something, I am involved in recreational pursuits, or what I call active rest.  Active rest includes things like television, reading, listening to music, using the internet, and so forth.  These activities are relaxing, but not necessarily restful, and certainly not the same as quiet reflection.

Taking time to disengage gives one the opportunity to both relax and think.  Our busy lives do not seem to allow much time for casual reflection.  I know that it is a rare thing for me.  Perhaps it would do us some good to slow our lives down occasionally; to stop and smell the roses, and maybe even think about how good they smell.