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Inform or Inflame?

August 24, 2010

A partial truth can be more damaging than an outright lie.  I have had conversations with people who had a small piece of the truth, but that piece had been taken out of context, or misapplied for the express purpose of provoking an emotional response.  Emotions can be powerful motivators to get a response, but it might not be the right response.

It would be best if we responded with both reason and emotion.   In fact, perhaps we should take a lesson from Mr. Spock, and allow reason to guide our decisions, free from the entanglement of emotion.  Once a decision is reached, then our emotions can come on board.

Be careful of the sources of information.  They may be telling the truth, but is it the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?  Or are portions of truth being used to manipulate a response that is desired for reasons unknown to the recipient?   We are responsible for our actions, and we should be careful of the informational sources that guide our decisions.

Revelation, Reason, Faith & Feelings

January 27, 2010

The Christian Bible is God’s revelation to us.  It is a history of God interacting with humanity throughout thousands of years.  It was written by men, but inspired by God.  It should be understood as a single work composed of individual parts that fit together as a whole entity. It provides the information that we need to be in a right relationship with God, both in this life, and in eternity.

The Bible is written using human language and can be understood using human reasoning…to a degree.  It is necessary for the Holy Spirit to grant us the insight to comprehend those portions that would perplex unaided human reasoning.  This insight is not contrary to reason, but rather supplements reason.

Faith allows us to accept that which we cannot see.  Faith is a response of our inner-most being to the Word, and to the Spirit of God, that works together to produce the character of God in our lives. 

As God does His work within us, wonderful feelings of love, joy, peace, and more are stirred up within our souls.  Sometimes people focus on the feelings, rather than the Word, and can be led astray. Our feelings should not guide us.  Be careful to remain guided by the Word,  which is the revelation of God; using reason, which is guided by the Spirit; which works in our lives, through our faith; all of which, is a gift from God.