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Could Be

December 2, 2010

In Bible study last night we were discussing the vision that Abraham experienced in Genesis chapter 15.  It involved the physical presence of dead animals, Abraham, vultures, and a dream of terror, with the appearance of an oven, or furnace and a smoking torch or lamp.

We had a good discussion of the possible meanings of the various elements involved in this story.  We did not arrive at a definite conclusion.  We recognized that there was a range of possibilities.  As each idea was examined we would recognize that it “could be”.  Even after dismissal, people continued to discuss the vision, with comments about checking a favorite authors interpretation.

The point is that we recognize that there are some things that we can strongly assert about the teachings of scripture, while there are other things that we would be wise to admit that it “could be’ something other than what we believe to be true.   The key is to recognize when to be dogmatic, and when to be flexible.

2012 (movie review)

April 6, 2010

A couple of days ago I watched the movie 2012.  I was interested in how they would present the material.  I first heard about the prophecies regarding 2012 a few years ago when a student wanted to do a paper on the information that she had been gathering from various sources.  It appears that in a number of religious traditions, the year 2012 has been suggested as the apocalyptic end of the world.

The movie was ok.  It was filled with the expected action, and special effects that one would expect in this genre.  I was glad that I did not pay to see it in a theatre, but waited for it to come out on dvd because it was not that good.

I noticed that they treated the religious predictions respectfully.  Christianity played only a small role.  I suspect that it was out of respect for various religious traditions that played a major role in the movie presentation.

There was an unexpected benefit.  For all practical purposes, a scenario which could result in a world-wide flood, was presented.  This provides some support for the flood story in Genesis.  In fact, the vessels that are used to preserve humanity in the movie are called arks.  Obviously a reference to Noah’s ark.  So overall, I came away with a small sense of support for religious traditions, which is a good thing.

False Prophets

January 22, 2009

I received an email a while back from someone in my congregation about a prophecy that had been made regarding President Obama.  It said, among other things, that he would not be president, that he would never take the oath of office.  When the oath was given incorrectly, I was concerned that people would jump on that to say that he wasn’t “truly” the president, that the prophecy had been fulfilled.   I was glad to hear this morning that he had quietly retaken the oath; this time correctly.  We can safely say that the prophecy that he would not take the oath has been proven to be wrong.

What I tend to be amazed at is the number of people who will follow after individuals who give prophecies that turn out to be false.  Over the last thirty years I have heard many things prophesied, some true and some false.  I cannot think of a single instance where the person, after the prophecy was not fulfilled, came out and just said  ” Sorry, I missed that one!”  Usually there is some rationalization or excuse given for why things did not turn out as predicted.

Biblical prophecy itself is difficult to understand, and has often been misinterpreted.  The profusion of false prophets who attempt to excuse their errors causes some nonbelievers to group Biblical prophecy with these charlatan’s predictions and then throw it all out.

I am sure that in the days to come there will continue to be more prophetic words given by individuals claiming to have heard from God.  I believe that God can, and does, still speak to us through prophesies.  May God help us to discern what is truly of Him, and what is not.