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Work Harder?

May 16, 2011

My life is packed with things that are waiting to be done.  One problem is finding the time to do everything.  Everything?  Who am I kidding?  I am not ever going to get everything done.  I will have to settle for getting the important things done.  Hopefully, I am able to recognize what is important.  I often pray that God will help me to prioritize.  That I will know what is truly important.

The second problem is finding motivation.  When there is so much stuff waiting to be done, it can be overwhelming.  This is where a daily routine and a list can really be helpful.  Instead of looking at the entire list, which is overwhelming,  you simply start with the first thing on the list, and then move on to the next thing, and so on.  One thing at a time, task by task, you work your way through the day.  It is surprising how much you can get done when you are able to stay focused, moving from task to task.

The third problem is balance.  We are not meant to simply work.  I remember the character Boxer  from the book Animal Farm .  His motto was “I will work harder.”  I sometimes think that my life has been motivated by that motto.  That is not a good thing.  There is more to life than work.  Although there is always more to do, not everything has to be done, at least not today.

That brings us back to priorities.  May God help us to use our time wisely, to live as He would have us live.

Self Motivated

December 13, 2008

In my life I have had a variety of different jobs.  I have worked in grocery stores and convenience stores.  I have been a janitor, worked in machine shops and worked on a pipe crew. I have been in the Marine Corp as a tanker, and as a clerk.  I am currently the  pastor of a church, and a teacher in a community college.

One of the things that is most difficult about my current employment is that it requires one to be self motivated.  It is much easier to have a job that you punch in when you start, and punch out when you are done.   You work while you are on the clock and when you are off the clock you are done.  When I had those kinds of jobs it was easy for me to leave my job at work. 

Now my jobs go with me everywhere. 

I remember when I was a teenager living at home.  My parents owned and operated a couple of small grocery stores.  Every once in a while I would find my mother working in the office at home in the middle of the night.  She would tell me that if she couldn’t sleep, she might as well be getting something done.

I now know what that is like.

I always have more to do than I can possibly get done.  This means that I have to prioritize and do those things that are most important first.  If I can find someone to do some of the things, great, but there are things that simply won’t get done. 

It also means that I must constantly push myself to do what needs to be done.  The motivation must come from within.  In my case, it comes from a desire to serve God in the place and in the manner that I believe to be his will.  That provides a powerful motivation.  I believe that I am doing what I do in the service of God.

I also know that it is not his will that I work myself to an early grave, so I try to be balanced in the life that I live. 

I am pretty sure that I am not there yet.