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Shoe Throwing

December 16, 2008

On Sunday President Bush visited the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to express his thanks personally for their service.  While he was in a press conference in Baghdad, an Iraqi reporter threw his shoes at him expressing his disapproval of the president’s actions over the last eight years.

Would he have done that under the previous leadership?

Probably not, under Hussein such an action would have resulted, at least,  in the execution of the one throwing the shoe.  Such a public insult of a guest of the government would have been unthinkable.  (The reporter was arrested, but the sentence is as yet undetermined; some think that he should be released.)

It is a sign of the change that Bush has helped to bring about that allows the freedom to act in such a way.  Although the reporter probably doesn’t realize it, he should thank President Bush for the opportunity to throw his shoe. 

It is also a sign, that the displeasure was shown by a shoe, not a bomb.