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Freedom and Responsibility

May 12, 2009

I am a firm believer in the freedom of the human will.  That does not mean that we are free from influence, nor from the impact of our inherited human nature.  Yet at our core, I believe that we are able to make choices.  With that freedom comes responsibility.  The choices that we make can turn out for better or for worse.  Those consequences are something that we have to live with for the rest of our lives.  I appreciate the advice that President Bush gave to the incoming President Obama when he told him to ‘Do what he thought was right, because at the end of the day you have to live with yourself. ”  It is good advice for all of us.  Get as much information as we can, and make the best decision that we are able to make, and then be willing to accept the responsibility for our decisions.

Pro Choice or Pro Abortion?

February 28, 2009

Q. When is pro choice not pro choice? 

A.When it comes to the right of individuals not to perform medical procedures that go against their morals.

President Obama is considering overturning a regulation that was introduced during the Bush administration regarding the right of medical personnel to refuse to perform certain medical procedures (including abortion)  for personal ethical reasons.  This is good news to the people who support abortion, and bad news to their opponents.

I thought that a big part of the argument in favor of abortion was over a person’s right to choose?  What has happened to the right of medical personnel to refuse to participate in acts that violate their moral conscience?  Since when does the right for an individual to choose to have an abortion mean that someone else has to violate their personal choice to not perform abortions?  

That is inconsistant and it is wrong.  I sincerely hope that President Obama will be as considerate of the choice of people who want nothing to do with abortions as he is with the choice of those who want an abortion.

Is he pro choice?  Or is he just pro abortion?

I guess we will see.

Shoe Throwing

December 16, 2008

On Sunday President Bush visited the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to express his thanks personally for their service.  While he was in a press conference in Baghdad, an Iraqi reporter threw his shoes at him expressing his disapproval of the president’s actions over the last eight years.

Would he have done that under the previous leadership?

Probably not, under Hussein such an action would have resulted, at least,  in the execution of the one throwing the shoe.  Such a public insult of a guest of the government would have been unthinkable.  (The reporter was arrested, but the sentence is as yet undetermined; some think that he should be released.)

It is a sign of the change that Bush has helped to bring about that allows the freedom to act in such a way.  Although the reporter probably doesn’t realize it, he should thank President Bush for the opportunity to throw his shoe. 

It is also a sign, that the displeasure was shown by a shoe, not a bomb.

Thank You, President Bush

November 6, 2008

You might wonder why I would offer my thanks to President Bush.  I am not thanking him for the current economic situation.  I really don’t think that he can be held personally responsible for the decisions of indivduals, and businesses that led to the current financial crisis.  I am also not thanking him for the soaring national debt.  That is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.  I am thanking him that since 9/11 there has not been another successful terrorist attack in the United States.  This seven year stretch of security has taken constant vigilance and cooperation among a wide variety of agencies.   The events of that fateful day completely changed the course of his presidency.  He said that it was his first and foremost obligation to provide for the security of these United States.  The lack of any successful attack in the last seven years shows that he was successful in fulfilling that obligation.

Thank you, President Bush.