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False Prophets

January 22, 2009

I received an email a while back from someone in my congregation about a prophecy that had been made regarding President Obama.  It said, among other things, that he would not be president, that he would never take the oath of office.  When the oath was given incorrectly, I was concerned that people would jump on that to say that he wasn’t “truly” the president, that the prophecy had been fulfilled.   I was glad to hear this morning that he had quietly retaken the oath; this time correctly.  We can safely say that the prophecy that he would not take the oath has been proven to be wrong.

What I tend to be amazed at is the number of people who will follow after individuals who give prophecies that turn out to be false.  Over the last thirty years I have heard many things prophesied, some true and some false.  I cannot think of a single instance where the person, after the prophecy was not fulfilled, came out and just said  ” Sorry, I missed that one!”  Usually there is some rationalization or excuse given for why things did not turn out as predicted.

Biblical prophecy itself is difficult to understand, and has often been misinterpreted.  The profusion of false prophets who attempt to excuse their errors causes some nonbelievers to group Biblical prophecy with these charlatan’s predictions and then throw it all out.

I am sure that in the days to come there will continue to be more prophetic words given by individuals claiming to have heard from God.  I believe that God can, and does, still speak to us through prophesies.  May God help us to discern what is truly of Him, and what is not.