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Traveling Mercies

December 15, 2008

At our church we often pray for people who are traveling, that God will grant them “travelling mercies”.   I was reminded again yesterday, just how important, such seemingly simple prayers can be in our lives.

Our son Andrew had the opportunity this past weekend to visit some friends at a college a couple of hours drive away.  Before he left we checked the weather reports; good on Friday and Saturday, warm and raining on Sunday, with a cold front moving in Sunday night.  Since he was planning on leaving Sunday in the early afternoon it seemed pretty good.  He drove his Mustang, which is not very good on snow or ice.

Along with our other prayer requests,  we prayed for him on Sunday morning at the church for traveling mercies. 

The cold front came in earlier than expected.  As he was driving down the wet highways, the temperature rapidly dropped from the forties, to the thirties, to the twenties, to the teens.  Of course, riding in a heated car it is hard to know that the change is happening so quickly.  Andrew’s first clue that there was a problem was when his car started doing doughnuts down the highway at 65mph. 

God was watching out for him.  He didn’t hit anything, and no one else hit him.  He stopped spinning, still on the highway, and so drove off again, at a much slower rate of speed. 

Later, even though driving slowly, his light car spun out again.  Once again, he did not hit anything, but he did end up in the ditch.  Thank God, again he didn’t hit anything and there was no damage to his vehicle.  Almost immediately, a truck stopped to help.  The man had a towing  strap that he hooked up easily and pulled Andrew’s Mustang back onto the road without much trouble or delay. 

Andrew proceeded to continue down the road, even slower.  He did eventually make it safely home, just a few hours later than anticipated.  He had no further mishaps.

Prayer for traveling mercies may seem routine, but I will never think of it as unimportant.  We are thankful that God watched over Andrew on his way home.

Today, the roads were still somewhat icy. He took our car to school.  The one with front wheel drive:)

I still said a prayer for traveling mercies.