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Contrasting Religious Response

April 5, 2011

Christian Bibles are burned.  The response is to express sorrow, be thankful if no one is hurt…and send more Bibles.

A pastor of a small church in Florida burns a Koran.  The response is sorrow…and anger, rioting and people die.

No one is concerned about Christians erupting in violence if their sacred book is burned.

Last summer, when a pastor in Florida first announced that he was going to burn a Koran there was widespread concern about how Muslims around the world would respond to the image of their sacred scripture being burned.  There was legitimate fear that such an image would evoke violence and strengthen the resolve of terrorist groups that already call America the
“Great Satan”.

It is an interesting contrast in religious response to the same action.


August 12, 2010

On Thursday August 5th,  ten members of a medical team doing humanitarian work in Afghanistan were murdered by the Taliban.  They were captured, accused of trying to convert people to Christianity, and of spying.  They were executed without  mercy and without trial.

They were Christian.  This is true.

It is claimed that they had Dari language Bibles with them.  This could well be true.

It is claimed that they had “spying gadgets”.  They probably had an assortment of electronic devices, probably associated with their medical work.

Did they deserve to die?  Absolutely not!!

They were aware of the risks associated with working in the area.  They had accepted those risks because of their love for Christ and for the Afghan people.  We are again reminded of the ruthless nature of the Taliban, and our need to pray for Christians around the world who may live, or work, in areas that are hostile to Christianity.

God will welcome these martyrs to their heavenly home.

We should pray for their families comfort, strength, and peace.

We should also pray that their executioners may come to repentance.

It remains to be seen, what will be the full  impact of their lives, and deaths, in the region, and around the world.

Martyrs in India

October 7, 2008

I have read recently, (I can’t remember the source.   I think it was AG News. ) about recent killings in N.E. India.  Apparantly a local Hindu leader was killed.  There was an organization that claimed responsibility for the death, but locals blamed the Christians for the death anyway.  There was massive retaliatory violence, with many churches burned, and hundreds of Christians killed.   

I write about this because in America we sometimes forget that simply being Christian can, at times, still get you killed.  We need to remember to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world who may not live in areas that are sympathetic to Christianity.  It is a big world, and not always friendly.  Yet we must remember that “God so loved the world…” and that we are commanded to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel.”  Let us remember to pray for those who are bringing the good news to people around the world, some of whom do not want to hear it.