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April 14, 2011

The other day I helped a friend with some roofing work.  I was only out on the roof for a few hours, but I discovered that although I am in good shape for my age,  I am not as young as I once was, and those few hours wore me out.

My wife and I are looking around the house trying to figure out what we should get rid of next.  We used to look around stores dreaming about what we would next purchase.

When I try to lose a few pounds, it is far more difficult than it used to be, and they come back on in a blink of an eye.

I find myself thinking about retirement.  I realize that I am far closer to retirement than to the beginning of my work history.

I look forward to grandchildren, but will let grandma change any dirty diapers.

I realize that some dreams might not come true.

I continue to rethink the possibilities that the future holds.

God is not finished with me yet.

Changing Seasons

September 24, 2009

Summer has officially ended.  It is autumn.  Autumn is a very nice time of year.  It is still warm enough to enjoy outdoor activities, but at night it is cool; great sleeping weather.  Pretty soon I will start having fires in the fireplace on cold mornings, leaves are turning, crops are being harvested, school is pursuing its annual course.  It is that time of year. 

I really enjoy fall.

In a very short while, my son Andrew, will be moving to Minnesota.  My other son, Christopher already lives there.  My wife and I will be empty nesters.  I am not looking forward to it.  We managed to hold it off for a few years while Andrew went to college locally.  He has graduated and is ready to move on.  It will be different.  Life is changing.  It is to be expected.  Some might call this time the autumn of life. 

I really like autumn.

I hope to enjoy the autumn of life.

Act Your Age

December 4, 2008

Remember when we were children and our parents would scold us telling us to “act our age”?  As children, we wanted to be older, more grown up.

As teenagers we wanted to become adults.  We liked it when people thought that we were older than our actual age.

As young adults, we wanted to be considered mature, grown up, experienced, responsible.

Now as middle aged adults, we suddenly want to be considered younger.  We are tired of being grown up and responsible.  We suddenly long for the freedom of our youth.  We want to be able to do the same things that we could do when we were younger.

Maybe we should all learn to act our age.

At each stage of life there are wonderful opportunities and experiences.  Perhaps instead of wishing we were something else, we should learn to embrace our current circumstances.  There is much to appreciate at any age.