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Making Memories

April 13, 2010

As my children were growing up, when we were heading out to do some sort of activity with the boys, especially if Gloria was not going with us, she would say to me “Remember, you’re making memories.”.

That comment would always make me think about my actions.  I would like to say that those memories are all good, but, I’ve been known to have a temper, even been called grumpy a time or two.  Gloria’s comment to me would make me think about how the day would be remembered, and I would try a little harder to make good memories.  I would try a little harder to be patient.  This took effort on my part if things were not going smoothly.

I would encourage each of you with the same thought.  Remember that you are making memories each time your family gets together.  Try to make them good memories.  This does not have to apply only to families, but to other areas of life as well. 

Make some good memories today.

A Long Goodbye

December 30, 2009

A member of my congregation passed away Monday night.  He was a great guy, and will be missed by his friends and family.  He had contracted cancer a few years ago and managed to beat it the first time around.  When it came back, it didn’t turn out so well. 

One thing about his illness and death is that you could see it coming.  Of course, in the beginning, there was hope that he would again succeed in returning to health, but as time went on and the treatments did not seem to help, it became obvious that unless God worked a miracle, that he would be passing on. 

During this time, many, many friends and family members came to see him, wish him well, express their love and appreciation….and to say goodbye.

He lived to share Christmas with his family, and some say that he held on long enough for the Bears to beat the Vikings.  He has gone to be with the Lord now, and he will be greatly missed.


December 8, 2008

When I was a child one of my chores was to burn the trash.  This chore was not really a chore in my eyes but rather a wonderful opportunity to start a fire with parental approval.  I truly enjoyed watching the flames consume the material that had been placed in the burn barrel.  Sadly, many of my old toys that might have been worth money in todays collectible ebay auctions met their final fate in the flames of the burn barrel.

My family went camping quite often and I enjoyed the campfires.  In fact, I learned how to cook over a campfire before I learned how to cook on a stove.

My grandparents had a fireplace and at Thanksgiving and Christmas would always have a fire going for the family gatherings.

I like fires. (In controlled conditions of course!)

A few years ago we had the opportunity to get a wood burning fireplace installed at our home.  Numerous people told me that I should get gas instead, that I would not like the mess, the work and the general upkeep of a wood burning fireplace.

They were wrong.

I love our fireplace.  I enjoy almost every aspect, from cutting the wood out in the fields, to splitting it with an axe, to having the fires going in the fireplace, which we do most weekday mornings, (I get up early and work at homefor the first four hours of my day.) and those few evenings that we are at home.  Cleaning out the ash, and cleaning the chimney are not fun, but they are necessary chores. 

The fireplace is no longer new.  We have had it for several years now and I continue to greatly enjoy using it.