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A New Day Dawns

November 5, 2008

As I am writing this blog it is literally, and figuratively the dawning of a new day.  The sun is just coming up over the horizon, and a new president has been elected.  What I notice most about this election is that it is not accompanied by an overwhelming sense of anger and frustration like the last two elections.  President Bush, from the first day, had to deal with a country divided, with many who were angry and vocal about the outcome of the election.

Last night I watched John McCain give his concession speech.  He was a man gracious in defeat, ready to support his new president.  The people had spoken, and McCain was humbly willing to accept their decision. 

It would do us all good to learn from his example.  We have a common goal in the welfare of our country.  We have common problems that assail us.  Let us agree to work together for a better future.


October 18, 2008

I read with sadness the story about the invocation given recently at a McCain rally in Davenport, Iowa.

The minister basically said that God needed to prove His power by ensuring that John McCain be elected. 

I am a Christian minister, and a supporter of John McCain, but that prayer disturbed me in several ways.            

First, there is the assumption that God is on McCain’s side.  What about all the Christian people who for a wide variety of reasons have chosen to support Obama?  Are we to say that they are fighting against God?  I don’t think that is proper to make that statement.  Both men have claimed a measure of faith and we are not in a position to judge their relationship with God. 

Secondly, we do not know the plan, purpose or will of God for this election.  We may think that we do, but do we, really?  Do we have the mind of God?  Do we have the right to speak for Him in this matter?  That is pretty bold for someone to claim.

Third,  God does not need to prove His power in this way.  God regularly works in the lives of people around the world who can testify to His power to save, to heal, to help in a wide variety of ways.  The final demonstration of the power of God will come on that day when we come before Him, when every knee will bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.

I hope that the people of God will be involved in this election process.  I hope that we will show grace, love and peace to to all of our fellow Americans, regardless of their religious, or political beliefs.

It’s Ain’t Over, Till It’s Over

October 16, 2008

This morning I played my usual morning game of spider solitaire as I waited for my internet to connect and my brain to wake up.  The game did not start out very promising, and it appeared that I would be lucky to get anything cleared off at all.  Then with the last set of cards, the pieces slowly started to come together.  One by one, moves were made, and the game was won.  I was pleasantly surprised and once again reminded that it ain’t over, till it’s over.

Actually, I thought about that last night as I watched the last portion of the final debate.  Certainly, it looks pretty good for Obama right now, but it’s ain’t over yet.

In my own life, I am reminded that I should never give up on the hopes, dreams, and goals that I have in my own heart.  It ain’t over yet.

There may be a time when we need to adjust, change or postpone our goals.  There is a difference between quitting and redirecting, as long as the redirection is a conscious decision, made after careful analasis.

As a marine, we were taught that we should never surrender while we have the means to resist, and that meant, if we were still conscious, we could still resist, using any and every means at our disposal. 

Never quit.

Never give up.


That’s a pretty good lesson for life.

Election Year

September 9, 2008

This year is once again an election year.  It feels as though the campaigning has been going on forever and to some degree, I am ready for it to be over.  It will be interesting to see what happens in the next two months, and then in the next four years of a new administration. 

I believe that it is important to be a part of the political process.  As a pastor, I encourage people to participate to the degree that they are comfortable, but I hope that everyone will at least do a little research and cast their vote.  A while back, I saw a listing of the candidates stances on a variety of topics and easily made my choice.  There are clear differences between McCain and Obama. 

The church of course must be bipartisan.  Christians come in both red and blue.  Individuals can have differences of opinion politically and still worship together in unity.  It is my prayer that whichever way the election goes this year that we will be able to work together for a better future.  Whoever wins, at our church and in my own devotional time, our next president and our other governmental leaders will be regularly lifted up in prayer, that they may make the right decisions for our country.