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Christmas Explosion

November 30, 2009

We are in a time of transition at my house.  It is that time of year when the fall decorations are taken down and the Christmas decorations go up.  This is a wonderful thing because I enjoy the Christmas season and Gloria does a fantastic  job of decorating the house. 

My primary contribution to this process is to bring the boxes up from the basement, filled with Christmas stuff, and then to return them to the basement, filled with the things that have been taken down, to make room for the Christmas decorations.  My other contributions are to put up the lights in the front porch,  put up the nativity scene outside, and help decorate the tree.

The problem is that this process takes a while, a few days, to a week, or more.  There are a lot of boxes and we are both busy people.  After the boxes are brought up, and until the process is complete. it looks like there has been a Christmas explosion at our house.  (I prefer this expression to the one Gloria sometimes uses, when she is not- so- happy with the process;  that Christmas threw up in our home… that just sounds nasty.)

Every year we talk about reducing the amount of stuff we put up.

Every year we add more.

I am hopeful that we will be able to send some things with our boys, who each now have their own places.  In fact, we delivered a small (very small) amount to them over the Thanksgiving weekend. 

The dust is starting to settle, the bulk of the boxes have been returned to the basement.  Thanksgiving is done, let the Christmas season begin!!

Something Special

October 15, 2009

My wife has a gift for home decor.  I have always been amazed at how nice our home has been decorated throughout our twenty plus years of marriage.  This has been accomplished on a very low budget.  Many of our things are gifts, or garage sale finds.  I can sit in any room of our house and look around in amazement at the things that I see.  There is an ongoing combination of new and old; things that bring back memories, and stuff that I didn’t even know that we owned.  (I am not always the most observant!)  Gloria is constantly adding a little here, taking away a little there, making small changes… that I might not notice for months.   What I do appreciate is that it always looks good. 

This gift is something special because it really helps to make our house our home.  The stuff that we have kept, and the things that are on display, tell a story of our lives, who we are, where we came from, what’s important to us, and so on. 

Now if I could only get the garage and the basement in order.  You guessed it, those are my areas of responsibility… sigh….