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Faith, Presumption and Ignorance

October 13, 2009

Faith is the belief that God exists.  It is believing that God hears us when we pray, and that prayer can make a difference.  Faith believes that He is willing, and able, to intervene on our behalf.  Faith is a very good thing.

Presumption is when we assume that God will grant our requests.  It is when we treat God like an ordering service.  I want this, this and that; and if we don’t get what we have ordered, in timely fashion,  we immediately call the complaint department.    I have even heard it said that we are supposed to tell God what to do.  That goes beyond presumption to audacity!

Ignorance is when we believe that God must answer our prayers in a certain way. That God only acts in supernatural fashion.  That we must wait for a miracle, or it isn’t faith. That an answer to a problem; rooted in the natural realm,  that involves human action and involvement, is not an answer to prayer.      

Faith is very beneficial to living an abundant life.  The blessings of God upon people of faith are rich and varied.  Presumption and ignorance however, are harmful, both to individuals, and to the cause of Christ.  May God open our eyes to the merits of faith, and may we recognize, and turn away from presumption and ignorance.