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Successful Hunt

January 5, 2010

I am not an avid hunter, but I do like to hunt deer.  It is very exciting to see the deer in the woods when you hunt.  I am not that quiet in the woods, and my reflexes are not that quick, so I have resorted to hunting from tree stands.  I use a muzzle loader, not a bow, because I want to have greater range than a bow affords.  I hunt during the second season because I am on break from the college, and it lasts for three weeks, so I am more likely to be successful, because I will most likely have more opportunities to go out.

It is a common experience for me to go out, and see nothing.  I also, occasionally see deer, but do not have a shot.  (I don’t take shots that I don’t feel pretty good about making.)  There have been many seasons that I did not get a deer.

Not this season.

On my second outing of this year, I had an opportunity to hunt at a new location.  I was not able to go out to my usual spot, because of weather and time conditions, so I asked a friend from church about hunting at his place.  He was not planning on going out that night and agree to let me hunt from one of his stands. 

I arrived at about 2:00, got my gear together, and he led me on a five-minute or so hike through the woods, to a stand between a pond and a fence-line.  As he walked off, I settled in to wait.  I did not have to wait long.  within thirty minutes a doe appeared from my left, coming down the fence-line toward me.  There were two fawns following her.  I must admit that I did have a twinge of conscience over shooting Bambi’s mother, but it was quickly suppressed by the thought of venison steak.  As it turns out, while I was waiting for a good shot on the doe, a medium-sized buck came into view after the fawns.  I immediately focused entirely on him, waited for him to come into a good range, with a clear shot, and fired. 

He ran off down the trail, jumped the fence and died just a few feet off the trail that I had followed coming into the stand.  When I got to where he lay in the snow, I looked at my watch.  It was only 3:00. 

I wonder if I can hunt there again next year?

Ultimate Free Range

December 23, 2008

I enjoy eating venison.  I enjoy hunting deer.  I hunt the second muzzle loader season and it opened yesterday here in Iowa. 

I do not want the animal to suffer.  I hope with all my heart for a good shot, and that the animal will die quickly. ( It will be easier to find, and I will have less far to transport it also.)  I do not take shots that I do not feel pretty good about.

For people who say that it is cruel.  I would remind them that nature itself can be cruel.  If a deer population grows too much the animals will breed disease, starve or encroach in populated areas resulting in more animal/vehicle accidents.   Hunting helps to maintain the population at appropriate levels which is why when herds become too great they add seasons or change limits or number of licenses. 

Besides, unless you are a vegetarian, you eat meat that someone has killed.  Currently there is a movement to encourage animals to live as naturally as possible before being slaughtered for consumption.  It is called free range ranching. 

You could think of deer as the ultimate free range animal.  They live their life in complete freedom, hopping fences, going where they will until one day,  one of them gets to close to my stand during the proper hunting season and times:)