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Christian Growth

October 11, 2011

Here are the sermon notes from Sunday October 9th.


We were camping recently and behind the counter of the camp store is a picture of a man holding a large northern pike.  By large, I mean 28 lbs.  I was surprised to learn that it had been caught right near the campsite in the shallow waters.   I suspect that it would take a long time for a fish to reach that size.

I.  Read Hosea 6:1-3

A.  First of all we recognize these verses as a reference to the death and resurrection of Christ.

B.  In their first hearing, they were a call to repentance.  If we are aware of sin in our life, we too, should repent.

C.  There is an encouragement to “pursue the knowledge of the Lord”.  This is my primary focus for today.  We should seek to know God through spending time in the Word, in prayer, and in worship.

II.  Read III John 1-8

A.  Please recognize that verse 2 does not say that all Christians will prosper.  It says “I pray that you will prosper…”  That is not the same thing.

B.  One of the perks of pastoring in a community for a long time is that I have been able to see people grow, both literally and spiritually, from infants to adulthood.  I can understand how John was thrilled to know that his children were “walking in the truth”.

C.  They also had a reputation for love.  Truly we are called to walk in truth and in love.  Sometimes that is not easy to do.

D.  They were also commended for their support of those who were traveling, sharing the gospel.  We too, should support those who leave their homes, going wherever God sends them, to preach the gospel.

III.  Read Joel 2: 28-29

The Spirit of God is available to us today.  By the Word of God and the Spirit of God we are transformed.  We should daily seek the presence of the Lord and request that He will “pour out His Spirit” on us all.

Fish in the wild will continue to grow throughout their lives.  Christians too, should grow throughout our lives.  We should pursue the knowledge of the Lord, we should walk in truth and in love, and we should seek the pouring out of the Spirit of God.