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All or Nothing

August 11, 2010

About a month ago I decided that I was going to blog only on those days that I had something to write, already on my mind.  On the other days,  I would use that time to begin writing a book that I have long thought about writing.

That hasn’t worked so well.

There have been many days that I have passed on very noteworthy events.  There has been plenty to write about in the last few weeks.  Yet, I haven’t written anything.  I began writing the outline for the book and maybe got a paragraph or two, but writing that material in the morning just wasn’t working.  Then I quickly got out of the habit of writing anything at all.

I seem to be a creature of habit.  It is all or nothing.

I do think that blogging is a good idea so I am going to return to writing a post Monday through Thursday.  I am not sure just what it accomplishes, but I believe that it is an opportunity for self-expression that I need to take advantage of, for my own sense of well-being.

If God uses it to speak to someone else, so much the better.