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Back on Two Wheels

March 5, 2009

Yesterday I rode my bicycle to the church for the first time this year.   It felt great to be back on two wheels.  I enjoy the exercise, being outdoors and the sense of simplicity.  I started using my bike last summer when the gasoline prices went so high.  I plan to continue, even though the cost of gasoline has substantially dropped. 

I also charged up the battery on the motorcylce and attempted to start the engine. 



However, I am charging the battery some more and will be giving it another try later this morning. 

I believe in the resurrection. 

Yes, it can be applied to motorcycles:) 

Every spring  there is new life all around us.  We celebrate the return of warmer weather.  We celebrate Easter and the resurrection of Jesus. I also am reminded of new life when my motorcycle, (and formerly, my boat engine) comes to life for the first time.   

Today it is supposed to be sunny and in the mid fifties.  I will ride my bicycle to church, and hopefully, prayerfully, my motorcycle to the school.

It’s great to be back on two wheels.

One for the Environment

September 22, 2008

Just the other day I looked out my window and saw a man walking down the street.  He was carrying a large, plastic garbage bag and a device for picking things off the ground without bending over.  At first I thought that he was collecting pop cans but then I noticed that he was picking up trash.  I mentioned it to my wife who informed me that there  was an article in our local paper a little while back about a husband and wife who had decided that when they went for a walk that they would pick up trash.  I have to say that I was impressed.  I have occasionally picked up some trash while out for a walk, but far more often I have looked at trash and simply thought about how inconsiderate it was for people to litter, especially in parks or outdoor recreational areas.  I have even thought that it would be a good idea for some civic group to have a clean up day as a community service.  As I watched this man, I was inspired.  Perhaps the next time that I go for a walk, I will have to take a garbage bag with me, maybe even a reusable one, that I could just empty into the nearest trashcan. 

Even one can have an impact for the environment.

Pedal Power

June 21, 2008

When I was a freshman in college my car broke down and I began riding my bicycle everywhere.  For about a year, I went everywhere on my bike, even going home for the weekends, which was about a twenty mile ride.  I rode through heat, rain and even snow.  Lately, when I have been in Minneapolis, I have noticed that they actually have a bicycle lane on the city streets.  I wish they had had those back in my days of riding around.  I think back about it now, and it was the grace of God which kept me from injury or death.

Lately I have started riding my bicycle again.  The advantages finally outweighed the disadvantages.

   1.  It is good exercise.

        a. It will be good for my cholesterol

        b.  It will be helpful for weight loss.

        c.  It is good for my cardiovascular system

  2.  It is good for the environment.

        a.  less green house gas emissions

        b.  less oil consumption, less supply needed

  3.  It will save me money.

Now I realize that many of you will think that it is only to save money, but the other factors do play a role.  If everyone sought to reduce their gasoline consumption, even by a small amount, the national reduction might surprise you. 

Oh well, I am doing my part, so if you see me riding around town, no, the car isn’t broke, and I didn’t lose my license.  I might be reverting to my youth….I wish… or maybe this is part of a midlife crisis?

Or maybe it is a good idea.