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A Good Superbowl

February 8, 2011

Sunday the Green Bay Packers became Superbowl Champions.  It was a good game.  Despite being down 21-3 in the first half the Steelers never gave up.  They battled back throughout the game so that the game was still in question in the final minutes.   One big play on their last possession and there would have been a different conclusion to the game.  I like games that keep you on the edge of your seat.  It is more fun to watch a close game than a blow-out.

It was a good Superbowl.   I define good by comparison to an ideal.  I think that definition of good can be used for more than football games.  When we say that something is good or even great, it is in comparison to some concept that we have of an ideal object.

If we want to discover the good in humans, it should be in comparison to an ideal person.  Does one exist?  I believe that Jesus was the ideal human.  He is the only one that was, and is, truly perfect.  If we want to compare our lives, we should compare ourselves to him.  We will fall short of course, but Jesus gives us an ideal to serve as a model for our lives.  If we have chosen to follow Christ, let us also seek to imitate him.

What is “Good”?

January 17, 2009

A new semester has started at the college.  This semster I am teaching logic and ethics.  For three out of the four classes that I teach I have used the same basic format and the same text for years.  I keep changing the ethics course format and text because I just haven’t been quite happy with the way that it goes.  I feel that I can do better. 

Recently, I was going through some of my material from previous years and I came across a definition that I had written of “good”.  Here it is:  “Something is good to the degree to which it meets, or exceeds our expectations.”   That was a good meal.  That is a good movie.  This is a great car.  You get the idea.  This is a very subjective definition and obviously will vary greatly from person to person. 

I continued with the observation that if a God  exists, then something would be “good” to the degree that it meets with God’s expectations.

Obviously, none of us are perfect, we have all fallen short of God’s expectations.  That is why we need forgiveness and a saviour that God has provided in Jesus. 

Yet, we can make choices to do the right thing.  “Cease to do evil, learn to do good.”  God will both guide us to know what is right, and will give us the strength to do what is right.  Will we become perfect? Not in this life, but we will be continuously becoming more what God wants us to become, we can become “good” in his sight.