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Cricket in a Skillet

March 25, 2010

Last night in Bible study, a lady referred to a “cricket in a skillet”.  She was illustrating how sometimes people can be very busy, but not accomplishing anything.  We began by discussing what it meant to be lazy.  We had agreed that laziness was difficult to define, but that it could be understood as an imbalance.  On one end of a scale are people who work too much, and on the other end of the scale are people who work too little.  Work could be described, not simply as manual labor, but any helpful, productive activity.  We recognized that “work” would mean different things to different people, and that our type of work would change throughout our lives. 

Then came the question of the person who is busy, but not accomplishing anything.  They are not lazy, but they are misdirected; the cricket in a skillet.  We agreed that it was important that God give us wisdom to properly direct our activities, so that we can be productive.  We want our lives to be balanced, focused; and directed by the Holy Spirit.


Rearranging the Furniture

January 15, 2009

We have just rearranged the furniture in our living room.  It has been years since we changed the fundamental way that the room is set up.  The couch and chairs were arranged in such a way that they were naturally directed towards the television set.  In our new arrangement, they are in a half circle around the fireplace.  The television is not longer the central focus.

Sometimes we need to rearrange our lives.  Sometimes there is too much stuff to fit without bursting at the seams.  Sometimes we need to change our focus.

What is your life focused on?  Have the activities and entertainments of the world taken over the central focus of your life?  It is a new year and a good time to make evaluations and changes if necessary.

“Seek first the kingdom of God, and its righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.”  Math 6:33