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Church Game Night

February 2, 2012

Once in a while our church sponsors a game-night.  There is almost no cost involved and the concept is pretty simple.  People bring their favorite games to play and snacks to share.  It is open to everybody, and people of all ages participate.   Someone has to take responsibility to open the church and clean up afterward, but still, it is a relatively stress-free activity.

And it is a hit.

People of all ages come and enjoy themselves.  It is a great church-family activity.



October 20, 2011

I have participated in roofing houses since I was a young teenager.  My father was gifted in many areas of home repair and did all the work on his own properties.  He also would help friends or family with projects from time to time.  I would frequently tag along.  In the early days I stayed on the ground and picked up trash or acted as a gopher…you know… go for this, or go for that.  In time I was promoted to going on the roof, passing shingles, getting nails, etc.  When I was finally trusted to nail down shingles, or cut them to size, it was big stuff.  By the time I was twenty, I was fairly accomplished, not professional, but good enough that I got job offers.

In my adult years, I have maintained my own roof and helped out others from time to time.  I have a section of roof that currently needs work, and I was going to do it last fall.

Last fall I had some heart issues.  It turns out that something triggered an electrical disruption of my heart causing symptoms similar to a heart attack.  It was scary.  Especially since my maternal uncles all had heart trouble.   I was certainly not going on the roof with heart problems.

Thank God, and modern medicine, after being carefully checked out, I was placed on some medication which allowed my heart’s rhythm to be restored.  I am no longer on medicine, nor do I have any symptoms.  I am cleared for all activity..including roofing, which is what I will be doing this Saturday.   I will probably move a little slower.  It might be a little harder than it was thirty years ago, but I think I still remember how to swing a hammer and use a knife.

Thanks for Today

June 2, 2011

Thanksgiving should not be just one day a year.  Each and every day we have a multitude of things for which we should be thankful.  If we have sufficient food to eat, a place to sleep, clothes to wear; if we have friends in our life, family who care for us, a meaningful way to spend our time: if we are still able to appreciate beauty of sound, vision, or action; there are so many things for which to be thankful.

Most of all, as Christians we have the presence of God in our life.  We have an opportunity to live in a relationship with the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the creator of the universe.

He loves us.

What more do we need?

We do have problems, challenges that we face day by day in this life.  They may be financial, or health related,  they may be work or relationship orientated, there are many complications in life.  We do not face these challenges alone, God is with us.  He will give us wisdom to know what to do, strength to do what we must,  and He will be with us at all times.

We can give thanks for today, and we can trust God for tomorrow.


April 14, 2011

The other day I helped a friend with some roofing work.  I was only out on the roof for a few hours, but I discovered that although I am in good shape for my age,  I am not as young as I once was, and those few hours wore me out.

My wife and I are looking around the house trying to figure out what we should get rid of next.  We used to look around stores dreaming about what we would next purchase.

When I try to lose a few pounds, it is far more difficult than it used to be, and they come back on in a blink of an eye.

I find myself thinking about retirement.  I realize that I am far closer to retirement than to the beginning of my work history.

I look forward to grandchildren, but will let grandma change any dirty diapers.

I realize that some dreams might not come true.

I continue to rethink the possibilities that the future holds.

God is not finished with me yet.

Discretionary Time

March 29, 2011

How do we use our time?

We all have certain things that we have to do.  We sleep, we eat, most of us work, we have daily hygiene, (I hope!) we purchase things that we need, and we have various household chores.  These are things that need to be done.

What time is left is what we could call down-time, or discretionary time.  In that time we have our devotions, go to church, get together with friends,  spend time on the computer, exercise, read, enjoy hobbies,  watch television, and other recreational pursuits.

What I wonder about is: does television take more of our time than it should?  Have you ever calculated how much of your time is spent watching television compared to reading?  Or how much time you spend watching television compared to how much time you spend in prayer, Bible reading,  and church services?

We set up budgets for our money because we know that if we do not handle our money well we will have serious problems.

We only have so much time.  We should be as careful in our use of time as we are our use of money.  I believe that we will have better lives if we do.

Time Out

March 28, 2011

The other day I found myself sitting on the stairway that goes upstairs.  I was putting on my shoes, but I stopped for a moment of reflection.  That stairway is where we would send our boys when they needed a time out.

The boys really hated time outs.  It was an effective punishment for years.  It regularly, effectively, diffused situations that were becoming tense.

There are times in my life when I could use a time out.

It is not that I am misbehaving, rather it is times that are becoming tense.   There are moments when I could use a few minutes on the step, cooling off, and doing nothing but a little reflection.

Do you need a time out?

Church Family

February 10, 2011

It is important to attend church services.  It is not simply going to church.  It is an opportunity to get together with the people of God.  We are brothers and sisters in Christ and so it is an opportunity to get together with the family of God.  It is an opportunity for fellowship with people of all ages.  Last week at our church, we had a game night.  It was simply an evening, literally, of fun and games.  It was multi-generational and I believe that everyone had a good time, a family get together.

We may occasionally disagree, but we are bound together by the love of God, which is produced by the Spirit of God.   “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have  love for one another. ”  John 13:35

We are not alone, we are in this together as the family of God.

A Reason to Smile

January 6, 2011

I just came from a meeting of the local Lions club, of which I am a member.  The speaker this week had recently returned from a years lay ministry opportunity at an orphanage in Rwanda.  He showed many pictures and told many stories about the boys and young men with whom he had worked, and lived amongst for a year.  In the pictures the boys were all smiling broadly.  The lives and situations that were described were difficult at best and tragic stories were common.

Why the smiles?

Each of the individuals pictured had something to smile about: a meal, a job, an opportunity for education, a friend…something.

Our speaker pointed out that our lives can be so blessed that we forget to appreciate all the things that we do have, that we sometimes grumble about perceived shortcomings, rather than enjoying the  simple things that we have taken for granted.

As I left, having eaten a good meal, to go back to a job that I enjoy, driving a van that is paid for, knowing that I will eat again this evening, sleep in a warm house tonight, and have many people in my life who love and care about me, I must admit that a smile crossed my face…just because for a moment at least I realized how I am blessed.

Blending of the Good and Bad

November 24, 2010

Tonight is the first night of a three-day celebration of Thanksgiving.

This year is an interesting blend of emotions for me.  I have recently been diagnosed with some form of heart trouble and the future is uncertain.  There have been a variety of tests and I am scheduled to meet with my cardiologist soon to figure out what it all means.  One thing is certain.  Life has changed.

I am thankful for the many things with which  that the Lord has blessed me and my family.  I am most thankful for his presence in our lives and the confidence that he gives us to face an uncertain future.

As I sat at the computer to write this post, the roof over my head sprung a leak.  I cannot help but know that, although the problems seem to increase, the grace of God is always sufficient.

The turkey is almost done.

It smells good.


October 18, 2010

I had a new experience the other day.  It is called a syncope episode.  Basically, it means that I blacked out.  My wife and I were out shopping with friends.  I started to feel a little sick to my stomach and sat down on a bench.  Then I passed out.  My head tipped back, my eyes and mouth remained open, my arms and legs went out straight, my face turned gray,  and I was unresponsive for what seemed a long time, but was probably less than a minute.  My wife and friends thought that I had died on the spot.

I didn’t die.  I had a very pleasant dream about a shopping experience with friends.  Then there was an unknown lady yelling in my face.  I sat up, shook my head and the world came back into focus.  I was cold, clammy, and sweating profusely.    911 had been called, the police and EMT checked me out and declared that I was stable enough for personal transport.  I spent the night at the hospital.  My vitals, blood work and EKG’s were all normal so they sent me home, telling me that I could resume normal activities, but that I should follow-up with my personal physician.

Normal will not be quite what it used to be.  Syncope can be caused by a variety of things.   Since they do not know what caused it, how do I know that it is better?

I thank God for today.

This experience has vividly reminded me of how important it is to appreciate what we have in this moment, because in the blink of an eye, this life could be over.