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Life and Christmas Past

December 28, 2009

Christmas is over. Only the mess, and the added pounds remain.


Oh, there are also the memories.  I am profoundly grateful that our sons were able to be here.  Andrew was here for Christmas, and Christopher and Galina arrived on the 26th. There were two nights with everyone home.  We played “Life” together last night and had a really good time.  (Chris won!)  It seemed ironic to me to be playing Life with these young people who are in the early stages of their own lives. 

Earlier in the week a friend had come by to make a ginger bread house.  Again, I am struck with the thoughts of how we build our lives bit by bit.

It takes a while to build a life.

I am thankful for the “brick” of the Christmas season.  I have enjoyed the times with family and friends.  I will add the experiences to my accumulated memories and will call it good.

Now to get back on the diet, clean up the mess, and carry on with life.