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Sitting In the Corner

March 8, 2010

Do you remember the Dennis the Menace comic strip?  When he was being punished he would be placed in the corner on his little rocking chair with his teddy bear for what would seem to be an eternity. 

My family appears to enjoy being punished by sitting in the corner. 

That’s where the computer is located.

We have one computer with internet access and it has sat in the corner of our dining room for as long as we have had it. 

That corner has become a coveted location, possibly even more sought after than the comfy chair.  Facebook, email, online games, they all clamor for our attention, and for now there is only one way to access all of those goodies.

It is sitting in the corner.

The new place to be.

It’s not punishment anymore!


Sherlock Holmes

February 16, 2010

Last night we went to see the movie “Sherlock  Holmes” in our local theatre.  I had not heard very much about it, except that I had heard one report that it was good.

As it turns out, it was quite unexpected.

Sherlock Holmes is portrayed as being on the edge of sanity, actually, past the edge.  Dr. Watson is a strong, stable companion who helps Holmes cope with reality.  They are both far more physically violent than I had expected.  This is not a story for children. 

The most surprising twist to me was that their primary adversary was an individual who was believed to be a practitioner of black magic. 

I normally do not watch movies with themes centering around the use of magic, certainly not black magic.  I do not take such things lightly.  In fact, I gave serious thought to leaving the movie, when I realized how much of a role the occult played.

In the end the bad guy is defeated, Holmes demonstrates how the various effects, that had appeared to be supernatural, were actually based in little-known facts about the material realm.

That is part of the problem.  Everything boiled down to a physical explanation.  There is no validity given to the possibility of any  reality beyond the material.  Another problem is that the church was portrayed as fearful and ineffective.  So you are left with the sense that both religion and magic, plays on the fears of the ignorant.

On a good note, there is a line where the main adversary is told that he is playing with powers that he cannot control.  There is a hint of ominous, evil presence in the black raven that appears each time one of the leaders in the magical community is killed.  Perhaps people should not trifle with evil powers. 

I can agree with that sentiment.