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empty nest

October 12, 2009

Both of my sons are now in Minnesota. 

Andrew left Saturday with his truck packed to capacity with the things that he was taking with him as he starts his new life in Minnesota.  He is going to be living in a log cabin, on a lake north of the twin cities.  He is very excited about starting the next stage of his life.

My wife and I are not quite so excited.

Don’t get me wrong,  we are very happy for him and believe that he is ready and capable, and that this is how it is supposed to be.

Except that, maybe a little closer to home would have been nice.

Of course we should be glad, he had wanted to join the military, and then talked about the border patrol, so I guess we should be happy that he is only one state away.

At any rate, we are now empty nesters.  This really started to hit me about a week before Andrew left.  The impact was truly felt on Saturday as he drove away.  Our big old house, where our children grew up is going to be very quiet, and seems pretty empty.


The transition might not be smooth, but I believe that each stage of life brings its own challenges and rewards.  I believe that God is good to his people and that our lives can be filled with blessings that come from God.

Our little blessings have grown up and moved on. 

I am certain that God’s blessings will continue in our life.

They will just be different.