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Haiti:Judgement and Grace

January 26, 2010

Is the devastation in Haiti an act of judgement?

Yes… and no.

Yes, it is an act of judgement in two ways.  First, since the expulsion from the Garden of Eden, humanity and the world, have lived with the consequences of sin.  There are many things that take place in this world that would not, and will not happen, in Paradise.   Secondly, even a cursory glimpse at either the Old or the New Testament reveal that God is displeased, even angry, about sin.  The reality of harsh judgement against sin is demonstrated in the flood, the deliverance from Egypt, the conquest of the promised land, the exile of Israel, and the description of a coming ‘lake of fire’.  So, the earthquake can be seen as a  foreshadow of judgement against the sin in the world,  a reminder of what is to come.

And…No, it is not a specific judgement against the people of Haiti.  They are not worse sinners that other places in the world.  If it were not for the grace of God we would all likewise perish.

The grace of God is also seen in the outpouring of support for the people of Haiti.  Many are motivated by their love for God, expressed in their love for humanity.    Help flows to Haiti from people around the world.  People of many faiths working together to provide aid to the suffering.

God’s grace is also seen in that He is willing to forgive us our sins.   We are promised deliverance from the coming judgement of sin,  through our faith in Jesus.  That deliverance may, or may not, take place in this world, but is promised in the life to come.