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Common Courtesy

March 29, 2010

What has happened to common courtesy?

I just finished watching an interview on television, never mind who it was specifically, I have seen others just like it, and much worse, in the last few months.  In the interview, both individuals were frequently interrupting each other.  When interrupted, they both just kept talking.  I am not able to follow two people speaking at once and so did not get very much out of the exchange.

In my class, it is not uncommon for there to be people talking quietly among themselves during the class time.  Sometimes I will ignore it, and sometimes I will point out their rude and distracting behaviour, depending on how tolerant I am feeling at the time.  I teach an ICN class, which means that it is telecast by cable to remote locations.  I am told that at the remote locations, there is often a lot of talking taking place.  I am unable to hear what is going on at remote sites without a microphone being keyed, so I rarely address that situation.

I was brought up to understand some basic points of common courtesy regarding conversations.

1.  Only one person should be speaking at a time.

2.  Let the person who is speaking, finish what they are saying.

3.  Allow opportunities for response.

4.  Invite others to share their thoughts.

5.  Listen to what people are saying.

6.  Avoid vulgar or profane language.

7.  Stay on topic, unless it is agreed to move on to a new subject.

(Feel free to add some more rules in the comment section.)

In our country, there seems to be a trend towards rudeness.  I recognize that we have serious disagreements about many issues, but can we at least discuss them in a civilized manner?  Can we show, even the people who we disagree with, a little common courtesy?  Maybe, just maybe, they will return the favor.


September 15, 2009

Courtesy is the grease that lubricates the sometimes abrasive nature of human social interaction.

Sadly, common courtesy is no longer quite so common.  Rude behaviour is often displayed, not just by young children on a playground, but by our congress, entertainers, and media personalities.  I don’t know how many interviews I have given up trying to follow because people will not even let others finish their sentences without interruption.  I cannot follow two, or more, people talking at the same time, my brain does not work that way. 

My name, Curtis, actually means “courteous one”.  When I was younger, I wished that my name was different, something more like Lance, which means “God’s warrior”, something with a little more zing.  Now that I have matured, I have come to appreciate the difference that common courtesy can make in a person’s day.  The tone of our day can be changed by the actions of those around us.  Perhaps we should start by changing our own actions, a little common courtesy can go a long way.