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Stability and Depth

June 9, 2010

I’ve been too busy to have a mid-life crisis. 

Still, it is appropriate to reflect on what has been accomplished in my nearly twenty years of ministry.  From a purely statistical approach, the results would be disappointing.  We have remained roughly the same size for the vast majority of those twenty years.  However I believe that the effect of ministry is not reflected by so simple a means.

I believe that our church encourages people to have a faith that thinks, feels, and acts.  It is important to think about our faith, what we believe, and why we believe it.  We should not shy away from difficult questions that challenge our faith and our way of thinking.  It is also important to have a faith that impacts our emotions.  Our encounters with God, and with each other should provide emotional, as well as intellectual support.  Finally, our faith should propel us to act in a way that is christ-like.  After all, a faith without works is dead.

After twenty years of ministry, I cannot say that we are cutting edge, trendy, or particularly exciting, but we do offer stability and depth.  For some people, that is enough.


Church Growth

October 8, 2009

Church growth is affected by a whole series of particular aspects.

The Message.  Christianity is a complex religion.  At the heart is the Love of God expressed in the cross of Jesus, but there is much more involved.  What is emphasized in the weekly messages is very important. 

The Messenger.  The impact of a charismatic leader should not be underestimated.  Leaders should use their own gifts, rather than imitating others.  Not everyone leads, or even can lead, in the same way.

The Method.  There are different methods and techniques that can be used to present the gospel.  Finding the method that works in a particular environment is not easy, and may be a matter of trial and error.

The Means.  Financial and human support enable a ministry to fulfill it’s mission.  One can only work beyond their means for limited portions of time, or there will be consequences.

The Makeup.  Who are you preaching to, and where is the church located makes a difference.  You do not use the same approach in an urban setting as you do in a rural.  Knowing your community is important.

The Master.  We plant and water to the very best of our ability, but it is God who gives the increase.  If we build a church in our own strength and talents it will not last.  Only God can truly build the church.