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October 6, 2009

In an earlier post, I wrote about having enough resources to do what God has called me to do.  A part of living out that revelation is learning to make the choices necessary to simplify my life.  It is necessary to learn what to keep, and what to let go.  This is both in the things that I own, and the things that I do.  I realized yesterday that I am making progress in this area.  I was at a meeting that had two parts.  A gathering for information and discussion, and then adjourning to a restaurant to share a meal together.  I believe that my participation was important.  I was able to be present for the first part, but did not stay for the meal, because I felt that it would be too difficult to finish my other tasks for the day. 

That is progress for me.  Normally, I would have just tried to cram it all in, and been stressed the whole time.  Plus, I don’t normally skip an opportunity to eat out!

The day went well, and was not stressful.  It is a small step, a sign of progress, there is hope that I will learn to simplify my life and live well, within the limitations of my resources.


Changing Seasons

September 24, 2009

Summer has officially ended.  It is autumn.  Autumn is a very nice time of year.  It is still warm enough to enjoy outdoor activities, but at night it is cool; great sleeping weather.  Pretty soon I will start having fires in the fireplace on cold mornings, leaves are turning, crops are being harvested, school is pursuing its annual course.  It is that time of year. 

I really enjoy fall.

In a very short while, my son Andrew, will be moving to Minnesota.  My other son, Christopher already lives there.  My wife and I will be empty nesters.  I am not looking forward to it.  We managed to hold it off for a few years while Andrew went to college locally.  He has graduated and is ready to move on.  It will be different.  Life is changing.  It is to be expected.  Some might call this time the autumn of life. 

I really like autumn.

I hope to enjoy the autumn of life.

Rearranging the Furniture

January 15, 2009

We have just rearranged the furniture in our living room.  It has been years since we changed the fundamental way that the room is set up.  The couch and chairs were arranged in such a way that they were naturally directed towards the television set.  In our new arrangement, they are in a half circle around the fireplace.  The television is not longer the central focus.

Sometimes we need to rearrange our lives.  Sometimes there is too much stuff to fit without bursting at the seams.  Sometimes we need to change our focus.

What is your life focused on?  Have the activities and entertainments of the world taken over the central focus of your life?  It is a new year and a good time to make evaluations and changes if necessary.

“Seek first the kingdom of God, and its righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.”  Math 6:33


December 27, 2008

To experience life is to experience change.  Change can be for the better or for the worse.  Sometimes dramatic, sometimes barely discernible.  Remaining static is impossible.  The dynamics of life cause change in one way or the other.  What change is taking place in our lives?  Are we able to guide the change?  Are we able to control the change?  Sometimes yes and sometimes no.  We cannot control that our bodies age.  We can take care of ourselves, but time will not stop it’s effect upon us physically.  We can take steps to see that the change in our lives is positive whenever possible.

Only God is unchanging.  “I am the Lord, I change not. ”

God’s love for us will never end.

We change, God does not.  If our lives are grounded upon a belief in him, then we have a firm foundation on which to build our lives.

The Sin Cycle

September 13, 2008

Step one in the sin cycle is to recognize sin as sin in our lives.  This is not easy, because we are often willing to deny or justify what we are doing as acceptable.  We are very good at writing excuses.  The Word of God and the Spirit of God work together to help us recognize sin in our lives. 

Step two is to confess the sin in our lives.  We need to be willing to admit that we are sinners and ask God for forgiveness and help.  Forgiveness for our past actions, or attitudes and help to change.

Step three is to accept.  We need to accept the forgiveness and the help that God offers to us.

Step four is to commit to do things differently.  Repentance is not just feeling bad, but it is about changing what we do, and say, and even think. 

Step five is to do.  If we are to truly change, then we need to “cease to do evil, learn to do good”.

The reason that I call this a sin cycle, is because it is an ongoing process.  Sometimes we are able to immediately change our behaviors, and sometimes it takes a while.  When we do manage to overcome certain sins in our lives then God will reveal to us other areas of our life that need to change.  The work that God does in our lives is ongoing, so the sin cycle repeats.