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Car Trouble

January 6, 2010

I drive old vehicles.

I don’t mean classic, restored, or vintage…just old, with pretty high mileage.  Our van is a 1995 with 173,000 miles.  I hope to get at least another 50,000. 

This past weekend, I was returning from dropping off the deer at the processors when I lost power steering, and an assortment of lights came on, on the dash.  The van was still running so I pulled off to the shoulder and called a friend who is far more mechanically inclined than I, and he suspected that I had broken my serpentine belt.  It was very cold outside and I was not far from home so I prayed, and drove home and into the garage. 

I was supposed bring my son and his fiance back to Minnesota the next day.  A couple of men from my church offered to repair the van during the second service so that we could still leave on schedule.

It turned out that the water pump had also failed, but they were able to make the repairs and we were on our way on schedule.

About an hour into the journey we stopped for gas…and the van would not start.   This time, the starter was the problem.  We called AAA to get the van, and a friend to come get us, and we went back home.  A local shop replaced the starter and we were back on the road before noon.  This time the trip was without mishap.

I drive old cars.  I anticipate problems by having a AAA membership, and by having money set aside in the budget for repairs.  Even more important, I trust that God will watch over us.   Christian friends helped in time of need, and when problems occurred, we either made it home, or had a warm place to wait. 

Even in times of trouble, God is good.


A Bad Decision

December 1, 2008

We went to Minnesota for Thanksgiving weekend.  On the day that we were to come home it snowed.  This did not come as a surprise.  I had been checking the weather regularly and knew that they were predicting about an inch of snow.  What I did not think about was that after last years expensive snow removal year that the government had decided on some cut backs.  Specifically, that a small amount of snow would not warrant an immediate response.  At least that is what I think may have happened.  What I do know is that for only an inch of snow the driving conditions were really pretty bad.  Now, I have driven in winter weather for over thirty years and I drive cautiously when the roads are covered with snow and ice.

As we were driving through northern Iowa, I noticed a car coming onto the highway on the approach ramp.  I did a quick calculation of the approaching cars speed and figured that they would easily enter the lane behind me. 

As I continued on down the road,  I glanced in my rear view mirror and was surprised to  notice the cars lights go across the highway and into the median. 

They must have looked at my car, decided I was going too slow, and accelerated to enter in front of me instead of coming into the lane behind me, which they could easily have done.

They made a bad decision, and ended up in the ditch waiting (probably) for a tow truck to come get them out.  I was thankful, that they did not appear to hit anything, and that the ditch was an empty median, not a rocky drop off.  I hope that they have learned something, and that it wasn’t too costly.

I have already had my times, both as a passenger, and as a driver, spinning out on the road.  I did not enjoy the experiences.  That is why I drive slowly in poor driving conditions.  Better yet, I stay home,  if the conditions are too bad, or wait for a while, or something.  I pray, and try to be prudent in the decisions that I make about driving in winter. 

I want to avoid bad decisions.

I want to avoid the consequences of bad decisions.