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A Brief Scare

September 13, 2011

We have been looking for a camper trailer for two years.  We were looking for some specific things.  We wanted a hard shell, no pop-ups.  We wanted a bathroom, a dinette and a separate bed that could be left up.  It needed to fit our budget, (which was pretty small)  be less than 3000 pounds, and not more than 30 years old.

It took two years, but we finally found one.

On the drive home, with the trailer in tow, we had a problem.  A couple of miles from home the van started to shake a little,  then there was a loud bang and the engine started making a very loud noise.  I pulled over thinking that I had blown either the engine or the transmission, the very problem we were trying to avoid by keeping the weight under 3000.

For the moment, it seemed as though our new purchase had cost us our van.  That wasn’t what we had planned, or hoped for, in our search.  Our joy was seriously dampened.

It turned out to be that a spark plug core  had blown out.  I didn’t even know such a thing could happen.  The fix was to simply replace the plug.

I thank God for watching over us, helping us find the right camper, and protecting our van.

God is good.


The Search Continues

July 20, 2010

“Think carefully, you only get to spend your money once.”

This is advice that I gave to my children when they were young.  To begin with they got an allowance and they were allowed to spend it however they wanted to spend it.  Then when they were sixteen they got part-time jobs.  Again they were allowed to spend their money however they wanted to spend it, but we no longer gave them money.  We provided a place to live, food to eat and some basic clothes.  They had their own money for gas, entertainment and stuff.

You only get to spend it once.

We are currently in the market for a black leather studio couch.  It has been hard to find.  We are also looking for a travel trailer.  We have specific ideas about what we are looking for and it has not been easy.  At times it has been discouraging but we hold off on our purchase because we too, can only spend our money once.

Do you wait for what you want, or settle for what you can find easily?

There are many things in life that we have to choose.  How we spend our money and our time, are important decisions.  Sometimes we have to choose quickly.  Sometimes we can afford to wait.

Choose wisely.

RV (resurrected vehicle)

July 14, 2009

My family likes to camp.  Since our first year of marriage my wife and I have gone camping together.  In the early years it was in a large canvas tent that I had bought at a garage sale for twenty dollars.  Then it was a brand new two room tent that we used for years.  The boys had cots, we had an air mattress.  We had some good times, endured a few storms, enjoyed the outdoors, and time together. 

A few years ago we purchased a hard side, pop up, trailer.  It was (again) a garage sale purchase that was within our budget.  It was good to be off the ground.  By this time, the boys had jobs and were not able to camp with us very often.  We went out occasionally as a couple, and sometimes as a family.  Camping is still good, but it is a fair amount of work to set up the trailer. 

This past spring a friend gave us an RV.  The idea of course, is that the set up will be much easier.  The problem is that it is a 1976 that has not been used for seven years. (We think.)  It has required some attention.  Someone had completely redone the inside, maybe ten years ago, so it actually looks very nice.  It was fully functional, we were told, when it was parked.  Sitting for years however, is not good for a vehicle.  This one needed to be brought back to life.

The first three times that I drove it, I had to call for help.  Twice I was towed to my destination.  Oh well.  I have some friends who are mechanically gifted and they have determined to help me resurrect this vehicle.  

This past weekend was our first outing with the RV, which I have fondly decided to call the resurrected vehicle. (As opposed to “The Pit” that someone recommended!)  It went well, although I came away with a list of things that need more work.  Oh… and it took a short rest on the side of the road on the way home.  Apparantly getting all the way to the campground and back was a bit much.  It did start again after a while and the remainder of the trip home was without incident.

This vehicle reminds me to not quit, to not give up hope.  Even if things seem to die, there can be renewed life.  I believe in the resurrection.  I believe in new life.  I believe in the power of God to help restore what once was lost, to bring back to life that which was dead.  This is even more true in the life of people, than in the life of an RV.