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Find A Better Way

December 29, 2008

I am saddened to hear about the recent rocket attacks and reprisal bombings taking place  between Israel, and Hamas.  There are people suffering and dying who only want to live in peace and security, with a measure of freedom.   I would encourage leaders everywhere to find peaceful, nonviolent means of resolving disputes.

I recognize the right of self defense, that if someone is attempting to harm you that you may defend yourself, but too many innocent people are suffering.  Who is shooting first?  Who are you aiming at in retaliation?

If no one shot first, there would be no retaliation.

Find a non violent way to invoke change. 


(Throwing a shoe actually worked pretty well.  The message was sent, and no one was killed.)

For people of faith I would encourage you to pray that God will grant our leaders wisdom to find a better way.