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Who’s to Judge?

March 17, 2010

I believe…

Whatever I believe to be true is an expression of my own judgement.  I accumulate information, determine it’s credibility, interpret and apply what I have judged to be worthy of inclusion.

I believe in God.

I have been told that He exists.  I have accepted it as true.  I have thought about it, evaluated the information and come to the conclusion that I believe that God exists. 

I am passing judgement on the existence of God.

I read the Bible. 

I have accepted that the Bible is the Word of God.  I have been told that it is the Word of God.  I have thought about it, examined the claims, and judged that it is the Word of God.  Even after that acceptance, I must read it, interpret it, and apply it to my life. 

I am exercising judgement on the Word of God.

Isn’t this backwards???

If God exists, then ultimately, He will judge me. 

If the Bible is God’s Word, then my life will be judged by what that book contains.  

Who is to Judge?

Whose judgement will be final???

More Atheists?

March 28, 2009

There was a recent poll that showed an increase in people claiming to be atheist.  The conclusion that was being drawn by many is that this means that the church is failing, that fewer people in church means that the church is losing relevance.

I have a different interpretation of the data.

It is possible that the people who are now claiming to be atheists formerly attended churches only out of pressure to do so for appearances sake.  It might have been to appease their family members, or maybe because they wanted to maintain a certain image in their communities, or maybe even just to network for business purposes. At any rate, if they were attending church for the wrong reasons then it is good for both the church and for them to no longer attend.

It is good for the church, because we have enough problems with hypocrites.  If a person is attending church and has no belief in God, or no interest in learning about God, then they are being hypocritical.  They are there for the wrong reasons and will possibly contribute to church problems.  Problems in the church, as well as problems in the community for the churches reputation.   So atheists leaving the church is a good thing for the church.

It is also better for them.  If they are a part of a church, people will treat them as fellow believers.  There will be no effort to convert, those already perceived as believers.  If they are avowed atheists, not attending any church, not pretending to believe, they will be recognized as people who need the Lord, and will be the subject of peoples’ prayers and witnessing.  This may lead to their salvation, and back to the church as believers, which would be a good thing for them.

Defying Definition

January 29, 2009

People want to understand God. Sometimes people will use their lack of understanding as a reason not to believe in the existence of God.  I think that a part of the nature of God is the unfathomable.  After all, God is infinite.  We are finite.  How can the infinite be understood by the finite?  If we were able to wrap God up in an assortment of theological terms like omniscience, omnipotent, omnipresent, etc.  Then there would be a limit to the nature of God.  God in a box.  A nice, neat, wordy, theological box.   It would be like building a fence around Texas.  It would take a long time, a lot of materials, and a lot of work, but it could be done eventually.

I do not believe that we can ever fully encompass God with our human understanding.  The task is unreachable, unobtainable, impossible.

We can know some things about God.  He has revealed himself to us in the world around us, in the Bible, and in the person of his son, Jesus.  We can know God by spending time in his presence.   As our lives go on, if we work at building our understanding and knowledge of God, we will grow in our grasp of the revelation of God.  We will never fully obtain complete understanding, but we can learn a lot.