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Feathered Fireworks

September 22, 2010

There is a piece of art for sale on Ebay called Feathered Fireworks.  It is a painting that is the result of a chicken having its feet dipped in paint, and then allowing the chicken to roam around the canvas which was lying on the ground.  It is being auctioned for a charity.  It was over $500 Tuesday night.

I have previously said that art is an attempt by an artist to communicate through a chosen medium.  I may have to broaden my definition since I really don’t think the chicken is trying to tell us anything, and I hope that the artist isn’t letting a chicken do the talking!

Over the River

September 16, 2010

World renown environmentalist artist Christo is proposing to cover sections of a forty-two mile stretch of the Arkansas river between Salida and Canon City with large pieces of fabric.  It would take many months to install, and would only be in place temporarily.  It has been in the planning stages for years.  It has broad support from people of the area who would benefit from the increased tourism, and jobs, during the construction and viewing stages.

I wonder about the environmental effects?  How can you deprive such a large area of natural sunlight for this length of time without ill effect?  What about the act of construction?  The project is currently undergoing an environmental impact study before it will be able to proceed.

I hope they know what they are doing.

Is It Art?

September 14, 2010

The other day in my philosophy class we discussed art.  We had basically agreed that art was an attempt to communicate through the creation of something using visual, audio or other sensory experiences.

Then it was suggested that nature itself was art.  At first I thought that nature is often the inspiration for art, or the subject of art, but in itself, it is not art.  However, the more I thought of it I realized that maybe I was wrong.  Maybe it is art.  I found this to be an interesting concept, because normally we think of art as something created by humans.  Obviously, humans did not create the world.

God did.

So is the natural world a work of the Master Artist?  Does God seek to communicate something to us through the created world?

Yes, I think that I can accept that.  So yes,  nature is art.

Appreciating Art

September 1, 2008

I appreciate most types of art.  I can enjoy a child’s crayon drawing or a master’s painting.  I like to look at what I see and I like to wonder what goes beyond what I can see. 

Aesthetics is a subdivision of axiology which is one of the three primary areas of study in philosophy.  It is routinely ignored in most Introduction to Philosophy textbooks.  That is a shame, because the attempt to communicate truth, or to impact feelings through the various artistic mediums is a wonderful area of philosophical study.  Music, acting, painting, dance, sculpture, photography,  and other more obscure art forms all seek to communicate something that goes beyond words alone.  It is a fascinating area of study.

Appreciating art does not mean that you have to accept what others say or think.  It does help to have some exposure and education about styles and techniques, but mostly it is about what you are able to see, and what the artwork says to you.  Was the artist able to express themselves?  Were you able to understand?  

I believe that being able to appreciate various things in life, like different forms of art,  helps us to enjoy the “abundant life”  that God has for those who believe.  Like so many things, discretion should be used because there is much in art that is not edifying for the believer.  We do not need to expose ourselves to the perverted garbage that is occassionally  an expression of art, but “those things that are lovely, that are of good report, dwell on those things.”  Art can add to the quality of our lives.