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November 18, 2009

Recently I read about a young person claiming to be an anarchist.  Anarchy is a concept that suggests that we should be free from all forms of governmental restraint.   

There are two types of people to which this appeals.  The first is a person who is an idealist.  They think that humanity is basically good and that restraint is unnecessary.  The second type is the person who just doesn’t want anyone telling them what they can or cannot do.  Freedom is above all.

However, not all people are good.  This is evident from a casual glimpse at the daily news.  If left to ourselves, it would be a very dangerous world, not a utopia.  Freedom is a wonderful thing, but if my freedom allows me to hurt or destroy others, then it becomes not-so-wonderful.  Governmental restraint may at times be chafing, but it certainly beats the chaotic alternative.