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Obama/McCain on AIG bailout

September 20, 2008

In our local paper on Friday, September 19 I read some interesting information on the candidates partial response to the turbulent financial week.

John McCain was reported to have made these four observations. (These are not exact quotes.)

1.  He believes in the strength of the American economy.

2.  He would not bail out AIG

3.  A day later, he would bail out AIG

4.  He would fire the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The paper that I read said that Obama would not second guess the government’s decision to bail out AIG.

This is what these responses say to me about the candidates. 

McCain believes in the American economy and that generally government involvement is not the first, or best option. 

He is not afraid to speak his mind.

Nor is he afraid to change his mind if a convincing case is made.

He will hold people accountable.

I think that these are good leadership traits.


Regarding the response of Obama as reported in the article that I read, since when is Obama afraid to second guess the government?  What his statement said to me is that he doesn’t know what the best answer is, and he is unwilling to commit to what may ultimately be a wrong response.   It seems that in this case, he is content to follow, rather than lead.

Is that what we are looking for in a president?