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9/11 Memorial Sermon Outline

September 12, 2011

America changed on 9/11.

Before that day, we were confident and unafraid; almost untouchable.  Terrorism was a problem for other countries, but not for us.  In the immediate aftermath of the attack there was much fear.  I remember assuring people , that everything would be all right, that, as Christians,  we can place our trust in God.

Psalms 61:1-4

I)  We Became More Vigilant

Our security measures increased greatly after 9/11.  Airport security was changed forever.  The Department of Homeland Security was created.  The Patriot Act was initiated.  The War on Terror was begun, and fought around the world, but especially in Afghanistan and Iraq.

As Christians, we too, should be more vigilant.  We should watch out, for our enemy “prowls about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour”.  I speak of course, of the enemy of our souls, Satan, or the devil, our one true enemy.  He would seek to destroy our faith, or, at least to render us ineffective for the Kingdom of God.

II.  An Increased Appreciation for Those Who Serve

Since 9/11 we have an increased appreciation for those who serve  in the military, law enforcement, firefighters and emergency medical personnel.  This appreciation is well deserved and we do thank them for their service.

As Christians, we should appreciate those who serve, especially those who serve as missionaries.  Missionaries leave their homes and families to wherever God may send them.  There are many forms of service to God.  We should show appreciation to  those who serve the Kingdom of God in diverse ways.

III.  We Remember

We should remember those who have given their lives.  Those who died on 9/11 and the thousands who have died in the War on Terror.

We should also remember those who have died in service to the Lord.   There are still people who die a martyr’s death.  We should appreciate those who have given their lives in service to the King of Kings.

IV  The Future

As we look to the future, we continue to place our trust in God.  He is a faithful shepherd who will guide His people safely through the journey of this life.

Psalms 23



Why Muslims Will Celebrate On 9/11

September 9, 2010

Muslims will celebrate the end of Ramadan on 9/11.  Ramadan is a month of fasting from sunrise to sunset every day.  The end of the month is celebrated with a special holiday called Eid ul-Fitr.    The Muslim calendar is a lunar calendar so the actual start, and end, of the month moves through the Julian calendar.  This year the celebration that marks the end of Ramadan falls on 9/11.  That is unfortunate, because some people will probably misinterpret the celebration.  It has nothing to do with the destruction of the Twin Towers.  If you had just finished a month of fasting, you would probably celebrate too!

Burning Korans on 9/11

September 1, 2010

Terry Jones, the pastor of Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville,  Florida, is planning on burning a pile of Korans on September 11, 2010.

He has the right to do so.  This is a free country.

It is a really bad idea.

The Muslim world will be united in their condemnation of this event.  Radical Muslims may use this event as a rallying point in their hatred of America.  It is likely to inspire some form of retaliation that will be directed at people who had nothing to do with the event.  Moderate Muslims will be pushed towards extremism.  At the very least, they will be more sympathetic towards those  who would promote violence.  Even liberal Muslims will be angry and offended.  The Koran is very sacred to all Muslims.

There is nothing in this action that will contribute to peaceful co-existence.  We should be looking for ways to reduce violence, not taking actions that will almost certainly provoke violence.

The Bible tells us to seek to live peaceably with all men.  Not to repay evil with evil, but rather to overcome evil with good.  ( see Rom 12:17-21)

We should pray for Terry Jones to change his plans.  I don’t think that he will listen to reason, or to the threats, or verbal abuse of  people.  Sadly, he probably thinks that he is doing the will of God.  I pray that God will speak to his heart before it is too late.