As Is: No Warranty

We recently purchased a used car from a dealership. It was impressed on us several times as we were signing the papers that the car is sold As Is: No Warranty

I understand.

The dealership does not want to be responsible for things that may go wrong once the vehicle leaves the parking lot.  With an older car things can be on the verge of breaking.  If you start to make exceptions, it becomes expensive very, very, quickly.

However, I wonder how much the dealer is aware of existing problems?  Do they sell vehicles with known defects, hoping that you won’t notice until after you have signed the papers and paid the price?

Our most recent purchase had a door that will not unlock with a key, and it needs a new water pump.  I did not notice these things until after the purchase.

Was the dealer aware???  We smelled coolant on the first day, but did not notice any drips, so maybe it was just starting to go bad.  It is possible that they were not aware of the problem.  The cost of the part is not great, but on this particular model the repair is labor intensive.  The door lock?  It is the driver’s side door, and they were aware of the problem.  Their advice to me was not to lock the door.  I currently am unlocking the door from the passenger side.

Next time, I will need to remember the old saying “Buyer Beware!”


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2 Responses to “As Is: No Warranty”

  1. glblock Says:

    i sudspect they are aware of all defects. they prob classify as minor, its their business. Caveat emptor

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      Maybe minor to them. The water pump has to be replaced, not optional. I had to look up caveat emptor. My Latin is pretty limited. For the rest of you reading this, it is the Latin phrase for Buyer Beware!

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