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Following the Lord

February 27, 2012

Here are the sermon notes from Sunday.

I. Numbers 9:15-20  Following the Lord

The children of Israel had a physical symbol of the presence of God in their midst.  There was a pillar of smoke by day, and a column of fire by night over the tabernacle.  When the pillar lifted, they would break camp.  When the pillar settled, they made camp.  They had no doubt about how God was guiding them.

We do not have a physical symbol, but we do have a spiritual reality.  We have the Holy Spirit to guide us in our lives.  If we are asking God to guide us, we can trust that He will direct our choices so that we are fulfilling His plan for our lives.

II.  Numbers 11:1-6  Israel Grew Tired of the Lord’s Provision

The people complained about only having manna to eat.  They fondly remembered the food that they enjoyed back in Egypt.  God sent fire among them and some died.

We need to be careful not to complain about the provision of God for our lives.  We should enjoy, and be thankful for, the things that we do have, rather than pining for something else.  After all, we have the presence of God in our lives.  Everything else, in comparison, is truly insignificant.

III.  Numbers 21:4-9  The People are Discouraged

It has been a long trip.   The people are discouraged and again complain about the manna.  God sends serpents as a judgement and many die.

How should we respond to disappointment or discouragement?  Together with Paul we should learn to “rejoice in the Lord” even when our circumstances are less than we desire.  God is with us always, even if we do not have a pillar of smoke or a column of fire to remind us of that fact.

IV. By My Spirit… Zechariah 4:6

We are able to maintain a good attitude by the Spirit of God.  We retain the influence of the Spirit through regular devotions and corporate worship.  As God speaks to us by His Word, and by His Spirit, we are to respond with faith and obedience.  We should continue to trust God, that He will provide the necessary wisdom, strength and assistance that we need.  We should also recognize the goodness of the Lord that is present in the current circumstances.  We should enjoy the blessings that we have received, rather than whining about wanting something ‘better’. God gives good gifts to His children.  Do we appreciate them?