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Don’t be Distracted

January 16, 2012

Here are Sunday’s sermon notes.

I.  Luke 3:7-14  John’s Message

I wonder how well it would work for any modern preacher or evangelist to start off by calling their audience a bunch of snakes?  I can’t imagine that it would go over well.

Bear fruit worthy of repentance.  OK, this makes sense.  The basic message of the early church was to repent and believe the gospel.  So an introductory message of repentance makes sense.

To the people, John tells those who have enough to share with those who do not have anything.  Again, this message makes sense, especially when we remember that at that time the government did not help those in need.  Starvation was a very real possibility and helping others is clearly an act of compassion.

There are still people starving today, especially if we look beyond our borders, and across the sea.  Contributing to organizations, Convoy of Hope, that feed those in desperate need is a good idea.

The tax collectors were told to do what was right.  They were not told to find another line of work, but simply not to collect more than they were assigned.  They were not to be greedy.

The soldiers also were not told to find another career.  They were simply told not to take things from people by force, and to be content with their wages.

I think the key word here is “content”  It reminds me of another verse.

II.  I Timothy 6:5-12  Godliness with Contentment

I know that I have started right in the middle of one of Paul’s rambling, run-on sentences.  I get a kick out of verse 5 because is makes me think of philosophy.  You do know that I am a philosophy instructor, right?  The philosophy of man will never lead anyone to Christ, but Christ can work through a person who speaks the language of philosophy.

In these verses we are warned against the love of money.  We are told that godliness with contentment is great gain.

III.  The Point of John the Baptist’s  Message

John was sent to prepare the way.  People tend to be caught up the things of this world.  John was calling the people to repent, to change.  The call was not just to turn away from sin, but to refocus on what was more important.  Yes, we need to take care of the necessities of life, but our focus should be on our relationship with God.

This message is still important today.  We are to place a higher value on the things of God, to “lay up treasure in heaven’, to “seek first the kingdom of God” rather than to rejoice in the newest, brightest or best that this world has to offer.  Don’t be distracted by the world, keep your eyes on Jesus.