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Flesh and Spirit

January 10, 2012

In the beginning, God made Adam from the dust of the earth and breathed into him the breath of life.  (See Genesis 2:7)  The exact nature of the relationship of our flesh and our spirit has been puzzled over ever since by many people.

Then in the New Testament, another dimension is added.  The Holy Spirit comes within the believer as well.  (See John 3) So now, we have the flesh, our spirit, and the Holy Spirit.

What role does each of these components play in our lives?  How does the maintenance, or abuse, of my flesh; affect my spirit?  What role does my will play in what I do?  How does the Holy Spirit guide our decisions?  How doe we distinguish between our own thoughts, the promptings of the Holy Spirit, and if I dare add yet another dimension, the voice of demonic spirits?

I am sorry, but today I have more questions than answers.

I do believe that God is with us always.  That the Holy Spirit will guide us.  That in the end God will prevail in those who seek to serve Him.  However, in the day-to-day living of our lives there is some confusion, at least in my own thoughts.

It’s a good thing that I place my trust in God, not in my own ability to understand.