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Some Assembly Required

January 5, 2012

Recently we purchased a new table set: a coffee table and two end tables.  As we were going to place the order, the sales clerk looked at us and said “Some assembly is required.”  That was not a problem, I have assembled plenty of furniture purchases in the past.  It made me think, however, that there may be people who assume that the tables will arrive just like they are on the showroom floor.  The clerk did not want to have to deal with an unhappy, surprised customer.

I wonder how many people enter into marriage thinking that the hard part  of marriage is planning, and executing the wedding ceremony?

Marriage is an ongoing process that requires effort by both parties to make it successful.  When the ceremony is over, the real work of marriage begins.  “Some assembly required.” would be an understatement.  Rather something like “Regular, ongoing maintenance required.”  would be closer to the truth.

A longtime marriage is a wonderful thing, but it does not happen by accident.  Both parties should commit to working on their marriage to help it reach its’ full potential.