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Hear, Obey, and Trust

January 3, 2012

Here is this past Sunday’s sermon outline.  Please get your Bible and look up the references.

God speaks to Moses.  Exodus 3: 2, 10

God spoke to Moses from the midst of a burning bush.  Most of us do not have an experience quite like that, but God does speak to us through His Word and through His Spirit.

Moses argues with God.  Exodus 3:11, 4:1,10

I think that most of us can relate to the idea of arguing with God.  We are not always immediately happy or excited about the direction that God is leading us.  It is comforting to know that even great men of God like Moses, occasionally argued with God.  However, God always wins those arguments.

Moses obeyed God.  Exodus 5:1-4 

After initial hesitation, Moses does what God told him to do.  We too, should be obedient to what God is telling us.

Things got worse.  Exodus 5:6-9 

When we are obedient. it is not always the case that things immediately get better.  The tests and trials of this life can intensify even if we are doing what is right.

Moses questions God.  Exodus 5:22-6:1

Again, it is nice to know that even Moses needed reassurance.  So to, we can question God  to confirm that we are on the right track.

Moses trusts and persists.  Exodus 7:1-6 

Once Moses was reassured, he faithfully fulfilled the course that God had laid out for him.  He trusted God to do what He had said that he would do.  We too should trust God and be persistent.

Moses succeeds.  Exodus 12:40-42

It took a while, there was a cost, but Moses succeeds in the end.  We also, will be victorious if we continue to faithfully serve the Lord.  Although we should be aware that true victory is not measured by the things of this world, but to hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Hear God.  Obey God.  Trust God.