I have participated in roofing houses since I was a young teenager.  My father was gifted in many areas of home repair and did all the work on his own properties.  He also would help friends or family with projects from time to time.  I would frequently tag along.  In the early days I stayed on the ground and picked up trash or acted as a gopher…you know… go for this, or go for that.  In time I was promoted to going on the roof, passing shingles, getting nails, etc.  When I was finally trusted to nail down shingles, or cut them to size, it was big stuff.  By the time I was twenty, I was fairly accomplished, not professional, but good enough that I got job offers.

In my adult years, I have maintained my own roof and helped out others from time to time.  I have a section of roof that currently needs work, and I was going to do it last fall.

Last fall I had some heart issues.  It turns out that something triggered an electrical disruption of my heart causing symptoms similar to a heart attack.  It was scary.  Especially since my maternal uncles all had heart trouble.   I was certainly not going on the roof with heart problems.

Thank God, and modern medicine, after being carefully checked out, I was placed on some medication which allowed my heart’s rhythm to be restored.  I am no longer on medicine, nor do I have any symptoms.  I am cleared for all activity..including roofing, which is what I will be doing this Saturday.   I will probably move a little slower.  It might be a little harder than it was thirty years ago, but I think I still remember how to swing a hammer and use a knife.

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  1. wildlife control Toronto Says:

    You are a great handy man!:)

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